Finding the right documentation to read or the right people to ask is probably one of the hardest tasks for anyone approaching an Open Source project.
Besides the links below, please do not forget to visit the Syncope Wiki.

If you find errors or omissions in the documentation, please don’t hesitate to submit an issue or contribute. We also encourage you to ask questions and discuss any aspects of the project on the mailing lists or IRC. New contributors are always welcome!


Name 3.0 2.1 dev
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Each release of Syncope comes with sources, including JavaDocs. When using Maven for dependency management, IDE will automatically download the source JARs and, when going hover on a Syncope class or method, show the corresponding documentation.

For reference, the API and REST documentation are published online allowing easy link from emails or websites.

Name Versions
REST 3.0    2.1
Javadocs 3.0    2.1