Class AbstractMappingPanel

    • Field Detail

      • connObjectKeyLabel

        protected final Label connObjectKeyLabel
      • passwordLabel

        protected final Label passwordLabel
      • purposeLabel

        protected final Label purposeLabel
      • intAttrNameInfo

        protected final Label intAttrNameInfo
      • addMappingBtn

        protected final AjaxButton addMappingBtn
        Add mapping button.
      • mappings

        protected final ListView<Item> mappings
        All mappings.
      • mappingContainer

        protected final WebMarkupContainer mappingContainer
        Mapping container.
    • Method Detail

      • hidePassword

        protected boolean hidePassword()
      • hidePurpose

        protected boolean hidePurpose()
      • hideMandatory

        protected boolean hideMandatory()
      • hideConnObjectKey

        protected boolean hideConnObjectKey()
      • setAttrNames

        protected abstract void setAttrNames​(AjaxTextFieldPanel toBeUpdated)
        Set attribute names for a drop down choice list.
        toBeUpdated - drop down choice to be updated.