Class Item

    • Field Detail

      • intAttrName

        protected String intAttrName
        Attribute schema to be mapped. Consider other we can associate tha same attribute schema more than once, with different aliases, to different resource attributes.
      • extAttrName

        protected String extAttrName
        External resource's field to be mapped.
      • connObjectKey

        protected boolean connObjectKey
        Specify if the mapped target resource's field is the key.
      • password

        protected boolean password
        Specify if the mapped target resource's field is the password.
      • mandatoryCondition

        protected String mandatoryCondition
        Specify if the mapped target resource's field is nullable.
      • propagationJEXLTransformer

        protected String propagationJEXLTransformer
        (Optional) JEXL expression to apply to values before propagation.
      • pullJEXLTransformer

        protected String pullJEXLTransformer
        (Optional) JEXL expression to apply to values before pull.
      • transformers

        protected final List<String> transformers
    • Constructor Detail

      • Item

        public Item()
    • Method Detail

      • isConnObjectKey

        public boolean isConnObjectKey()
      • setConnObjectKey

        public void setConnObjectKey​(boolean connObjectKey)
      • getExtAttrName

        public String getExtAttrName()
      • setExtAttrName

        public void setExtAttrName​(String extAttrName)
      • getMandatoryCondition

        public String getMandatoryCondition()
      • setMandatoryCondition

        public void setMandatoryCondition​(String mandatoryCondition)
      • isPassword

        public boolean isPassword()
      • setPassword

        public void setPassword​(boolean password)
      • getIntAttrName

        public String getIntAttrName()
      • setIntAttrName

        public void setIntAttrName​(String intAttrName)
      • getPropagationJEXLTransformer

        public String getPropagationJEXLTransformer()
      • setPropagationJEXLTransformer

        public void setPropagationJEXLTransformer​(String propagationJEXLTransformer)
      • getPullJEXLTransformer

        public String getPullJEXLTransformer()
      • setPullJEXLTransformer

        public void setPullJEXLTransformer​(String pullJEXLTransformer)
      • getTransformers

        public List<String> getTransformers()
      • hashCode

        public int hashCode()
        hashCode in class Object