Interface PropagationReporter

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    public interface PropagationReporter
    Report propagation status after executions.
    • Method Detail

      • onPriorityResourceFailure

        void onPriorityResourceFailure​(String failingResource,
                                       Collection<PropagationTaskInfo> taskInfos)
        Report propagation status after executions in case blocking failure (e.g. on priority resources).
        failingResource - failing resource name
        taskInfos - propagation tasks performed before failure
      • onSuccessOrNonPriorityResourceFailures

        void onSuccessOrNonPriorityResourceFailures​(PropagationTaskInfo taskInfo,
                                                    ExecStatus execStatus,
                                                    String failureReason,
                                                    String fiql,
                                                    ConnectorObject beforeObj,
                                                    ConnectorObject afterObj)
        Report propagation status after executions in case of success or non-blocking failure (e.g. on non-priority resources).
        taskInfo - propagation task
        execStatus - propagation execution status
        failureReason - propagation execution failure message
        fiql - FIQL string to match the connector objects into the external resource
        beforeObj - retrieved connector object before operation execution
        afterObj - retrieved connector object after operation execution
      • getStatuses

        List<PropagationStatus> getStatuses()
        Returns the list of propagation statuses.
        the list of propagation statuses