Class InvalidEntityException

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    public class InvalidEntityException
    extends javax.validation.ValidationException
    Exception thrown when any JPA entity fails bean validation.
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    • Constructor Detail

      • InvalidEntityException

        public InvalidEntityException​(Class<?> entityClass,
                                      EntityViolationType entityViolationType,
                                      String message)
        Constructs a singleton map of violations from given parameters.
        entityClass - class of invalid entity
        entityViolationType - type of violation found
        message - message to be associated to the violation
      • InvalidEntityException

        public InvalidEntityException​(String entityClassSimpleName,
                                      Set<javax.validation.ConstraintViolation<Object>> violations)
        Constructs a map of violations out of given ConstraintViolation set.
        entityClassSimpleName - simple class name of invalid entity
        violations - as returned by bean validation