Class AbstractOIDCAuthModuleConf

    • Field Detail

      • discoveryUri

        protected String discoveryUri
      • useNonce

        protected boolean useNonce
        Whether an initial nonce should be to used initially for replay attack mitigation.
      • preferredJwsAlgorithm

        protected String preferredJwsAlgorithm
        The JWS algorithm to use forcefully when validating ID tokens. If none is defined, the first algorithm from metadata will be used.
      • maxClockSkew

        protected String maxClockSkew
        Clock skew in order to account for drift, when validating id tokens.
      • responseMode

        protected String responseMode
        The response mode specifies how the result of the authorization request is formatted. Possible values includes "query", "fragment", "form_post", or "web_message"
      • expireSessionWithToken

        protected boolean expireSessionWithToken
        Checks if sessions expire with token expiration.
      • tokenExpirationAdvance

        protected String tokenExpirationAdvance
        Default time period advance (in seconds) for considering an access token expired. This settings supports the java.time.Duration syntax. The format of the value will be PTnHnMnS, where n is the relevant hours, minutes or seconds part of the duration. Any fractional seconds are placed after a decimal point in the seconds section. If a section has a zero value, it is omitted. The hours, minutes and seconds will all have the same sign. Example values could be in the form of PT20S, PT15M, PT10H, PT6D, P2DT3H4M. If the value is set to 0 or never, the duration will be set to zero. If the value is blank, set to -1, or infinite, the value will effectively represent an unending duration.
    • Constructor Detail

      • AbstractOIDCAuthModuleConf

        public AbstractOIDCAuthModuleConf()
    • Method Detail

      • getDiscoveryUri

        public String getDiscoveryUri()
      • setDiscoveryUri

        public void setDiscoveryUri​(String discoveryUri)
      • isUseNonce

        public boolean isUseNonce()
      • setUseNonce

        public void setUseNonce​(boolean useNonce)
      • getPreferredJwsAlgorithm

        public String getPreferredJwsAlgorithm()
      • setPreferredJwsAlgorithm

        public void setPreferredJwsAlgorithm​(String preferredJwsAlgorithm)
      • getMaxClockSkew

        public String getMaxClockSkew()
      • setMaxClockSkew

        public void setMaxClockSkew​(String maxClockSkew)
      • getResponseMode

        public String getResponseMode()
      • setResponseMode

        public void setResponseMode​(String responseMode)
      • isExpireSessionWithToken

        public boolean isExpireSessionWithToken()
      • setExpireSessionWithToken

        public void setExpireSessionWithToken​(boolean expireSessionWithToken)
      • getTokenExpirationAdvance

        public String getTokenExpirationAdvance()
      • setTokenExpirationAdvance

        public void setTokenExpirationAdvance​(String tokenExpirationAdvance)