Class ChartOptions

    • Constructor Detail

      • ChartOptions

        public ChartOptions()
    • Method Detail

      • getCustomTooltips

        public String getCustomTooltips()
      • setCustomTooltips

        public void setCustomTooltips​(String customTooltips)
      • getAnimation

        public Boolean getAnimation()
        Gets the animation.
        the animation
      • setAnimation

        public void setAnimation​(Boolean animation)
        Sets the animation.
        animation - decides whether to animate the chart (default is true)
      • getAnimationSteps

        public Integer getAnimationSteps()
        Gets the animation steps.
        the animation steps
      • setAnimationSteps

        public void setAnimationSteps​(Integer animationSteps)
        Sets the animation steps.
        animationSteps - the number of animation steps (default is 60)
      • getAnimationEasing

        public String getAnimationEasing()
        Gets the animation easing.
        the animation easing
      • setAnimationEasing

        public void setAnimationEasing​(String animationEasing)
        Sets the animation easing.
        animationEasing - the animation easing effect (default is "easeOutQuart")
      • getOnAnimationComplete

        public String getOnAnimationComplete()
        Gets the javascript function that fires on animation complete.
        the onAnimationComplete javascript function
      • setOnAnimationComplete

        public void setOnAnimationComplete​(String onAnimationComplete)
        Sets the onAnimationComplete javascript function.
        onAnimationComplete - a function, that fires when the animation is complete
      • getResponsive

        public Boolean getResponsive()
      • setResponsive

        public void setResponsive​(Boolean responsive)
      • getMaintainAspectRatio

        public Boolean getMaintainAspectRatio()
      • setMaintainAspectRatio

        public void setMaintainAspectRatio​(Boolean maintainAspectRatio)
      • getShowTooltips

        public Boolean getShowTooltips()
      • setShowTooltips

        public void setShowTooltips​(Boolean showTooltips)
      • getTooltipEvents

        public String[] getTooltipEvents()
      • setTooltipEvents

        public void setTooltipEvents​(String[] tooltipEvents)
      • getTooltipFillColor

        public String getTooltipFillColor()
      • setTooltipFillColor

        public void setTooltipFillColor​(String tooltipFillColor)
      • getTooltipFontFamily

        public String getTooltipFontFamily()
      • setTooltipFontFamily

        public void setTooltipFontFamily​(String tooltipFontFamily)
      • getTooltipFontSize

        public Integer getTooltipFontSize()
      • setTooltipFontSize

        public void setTooltipFontSize​(Integer tooltipFontSize)
      • getTooltipFontStyle

        public String getTooltipFontStyle()
      • setTooltipFontStyle

        public void setTooltipFontStyle​(String tooltipFontStyle)
      • getTooltipFontColor

        public String getTooltipFontColor()
      • setTooltipFontColor

        public void setTooltipFontColor​(String tooltipFontColor)
      • getTooltipTitleFontFamily

        public String getTooltipTitleFontFamily()
      • setTooltipTitleFontFamily

        public void setTooltipTitleFontFamily​(String tooltipTitleFontFamily)
      • getTooltipTitleFontSize

        public Integer getTooltipTitleFontSize()
      • setTooltipTitleFontSize

        public void setTooltipTitleFontSize​(Integer tooltipTitleFontSize)
      • getTooltipTitleFontStyle

        public String getTooltipTitleFontStyle()
      • setTooltipTitleFontStyle

        public void setTooltipTitleFontStyle​(String tooltipTitleFontStyle)
      • getTooltipTitleFontColor

        public String getTooltipTitleFontColor()
      • setTooltipTitleFontColor

        public void setTooltipTitleFontColor​(String tooltipTitleFontColor)
      • getTooltipYPadding

        public Integer getTooltipYPadding()
      • setTooltipYPadding

        public void setTooltipYPadding​(Integer tooltipYPadding)
      • getTooltipXPadding

        public Integer getTooltipXPadding()
      • setTooltipXPadding

        public void setTooltipXPadding​(Integer tooltipXPadding)
      • getTooltipCaretSize

        public Integer getTooltipCaretSize()
      • setTooltipCaretSize

        public void setTooltipCaretSize​(Integer tooltipCaretSize)
      • getTooltipCornerRadius

        public Integer getTooltipCornerRadius()
      • setTooltipCornerRadius

        public void setTooltipCornerRadius​(Integer tooltipCornerRadius)
      • getTooltipXOffset

        public Integer getTooltipXOffset()
      • setTooltipXOffset

        public void setTooltipXOffset​(Integer tooltipXOffset)
      • getTooltipTemplate

        public String getTooltipTemplate()
      • setTooltipTemplate

        public void setTooltipTemplate​(String tooltipTemplate)
      • getMultiTooltipTemplate

        public String getMultiTooltipTemplate()
      • setMultiTooltipTemplate

        public void setMultiTooltipTemplate​(String multiTooltipTemplate)
      • getOnAnimationProgress

        public String getOnAnimationProgress()
      • setOnAnimationProgress

        public void setOnAnimationProgress​(String onAnimationProgress)
      • isResponsive

        public boolean isResponsive()
        Tests whether this chart is responsive or not.
        true if its responsive, false otherwise.
      • setResponsive

        public void setResponsive​(boolean responsive)
        Sets the responsive option for this chart.
        responsive - the responsive option value.